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August 13th, 2018 · 4 Comments

Studioline 1 mittel


A day in autumn in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. Photo and Copyright: Annekatrin Puhle


Great that you have found your way into my blog.

Autumn is arriving and it’s time for becoming aware of the richness of life.


There is a beautiful spirit breathing now
Its mellow richness on the clustered trees,
And, from a beaker full of richest dyes,
Pouring new glory on the autumn woods,
And dipping in warm light the pillared clouds.
Morn on the mountain, like a summer bird,
Lifts up her purple wing, and in the vales
The gentle wind, a sweet and passionate wooer,
Kisses the blushing leaf, and stirs up life
Within the solemn woods of ash deep-crimsoned,
And silver beech, and maple yellow-leaved,
Where Autumn, like a faint old man, sits down
By the wayside a-weary. Through the trees
The golden robin moves; the purple finch,
That on wild cherry and red cedar feeds,
A winter bird, comes with its plaintive whistle,
And pecks by the witch-hazel, whilst aloud
From cottage roofs the warbling blue-bird sings;
And merrily, with oft-repeated stroke,
Sounds from the threshing-floor the busy flail.

(From a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)


Now it’s time for Shakepeare: Midsummer is here and nature has reached its peak. It’s a magical time. I would love to show you with my writing your personal inner magic and to support you in opening the access to it. There is so much more potential in us hidden!


Today, April 23, is the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and also most likely his birthday. A reason for me to refer to our English book, which I wrote together with Adrian Parker: “Shakespeare’s Ghosts Live”. A German, but much shorter version I had already published years before, is available under the title “Mit Shakespeare durch die Welt der Geister”. More information can be found on the pages Book / Buch: Shakespeare. By the way, it fits exactly to Easter, because it is also about the lifting of the iron border between death and life.
Around the time at Easter, when people have always celebrated the resurrection of nature and eternal life, longe before Christianity, we can remember, for example, the still mysterious Indian-Iranian Mithra cult. People worshipped the hero Mithra, who has become the god of light. Traces of this cult, which has been practiced for many centuries before Christ, can be found everywhere in Rome just before or soon after Christ, most beautifully under the church of San Clemente, even if the cult has changed under Roman influence. Deep beneath the church which is located in the heart of Rome, rituals were performed in memory and honor of the sun and light god and his ascension to heaven.
Those who do not believe in the Easter message of eternal life can listen to the voices of science that can have a say here today. In my new book “Connected with beloved deceased persons” I summarize – in understandable language and with many case examples – the research results on experiences with the deceased, which indicate the unlimitedness of our consciousness. (See the “Book: Deceased” page.) If you want to dlve more into the scientific insights into the survival of consciousness after death, you will find what you are looking for in the 29 essays of the winners of the Bigelow Competition:


Neil Oliver about vaccines and vaccination, 8.1.22:


Just half an hour’s drive from Gothenburg, you can find the blue house of the German straight and witty writer Kurt Tucholsky whose books were burnt by the Nazis. On this icecold winter’s day of my visit the striking blueness of the house blended perfectly with the blue of the sky and the lake.

Photo und Copyright:Annekatrin Puhle

It is more important than ever to keep strong personalities like him in mind.  “Since nothing is more difficult and nothing demands more character than to be in open contrast to the time in which you live and to say loudly: No.” (Kurt Tucholsky, in “Die Weltbuehne”)

Photo: 14 year old Kurt Tucholsky (right) with his siblings.



Neil Oliver on Christmas day 2021:

Neil Oliver speaks every Saturday night on GBNews.

See also the page “Immunity”.


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  • 1 Barbro Söderberg // Aug 17, 2018 at 20:59

    Das grosse Buch von Träumen ist ein sehr interessantes Buch. Das Kapitel von Bewusstseinszuständen finde ich extra interessant.
    Dieses Buch hat meine Augen geöffnet und in der Zukunft werde ich meine Träume ernst nehmen.
    Barbro Söderberg
    Kastellgatan 19B

  • 2 Conny Åquist // Aug 19, 2018 at 21:23

    Das grosse Buch vom Träumen von Annekatrin Puhle

    Träume sind das Natürlichste auf der Welt und gleichzeitig das Verrückteste. Sie sind völlig normal und doch alles andres als das. Im Traum ist alles möglich, träumen ist grenzenlos. Und da wir ein Drittel des 24-Stunden-Tages träumen, sollten wir unsere Träume besser kennenlernen.
    Also! Wir träumen jede Sekunde in der Nacht und mindestens den halben Tag lang; nur ein drittel sind wir tatsächlich wach. Das wirft zwei grosse fragen auf: Was ist Wachsein und was ist Träumen?
    In Das grosse Buch vom Träumen – mit Untertitel Wie Sie gut schlafen und etwas Schönes träumen – diskutiert Annekatrin Puhle viele Aspekten von Träumen; zum Beispiel: Schlafplantzen, Tagträumen, Traumsymbole, Träume von früheren Leben, Veränderte Bewusstseinzustände… dazu kommt Tips und Übungen.
    Das grosse Buch vom Träumen, ist genau das – Das grosse Buch vom Träumen!

    Conny Åquist, Journalist Schweden

  • 3 Evelyn Elsaesser // Sep 3, 2018 at 15:46

    Ich habe „Das grosse Buch vom Träumen“ mit viel Interesse und grossem Spass gelesen. Annekatrin Puhle hat die seltene Gabe, wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse in spielerische Weise zu vermitteln. Es ist ihr gelungen, das Thema der Träume aus allen nur erdenklichen Perspektiven zu beleuchten und uns Leser mit psychologischen, philosophischen, aber auch mit praktischen Informationen zu beschenken.

    Der Formenreichtum des Buches spiegelt die Kreativität der Autorin wider. Gedichte und Zeichnungen gehen Hand in Hand mit Geschichten, Traum-Transkripten, Forschungsergebnissen der Schlaf- und Traumforschung, und vielen praktischen Ratschlägen. Die Leidenschaft der Autorin für das Thema der Träume geht einher mit ihrem sehr persönlichen Schreibstyl, welcher ihre Wärme und Herzlichkeit ausdrückt. „Das grosse Buch vom Träumen“ ist ein must-read für jedermann der „gut schlafen und etwas Schönes träumen“ möchte!

    Evelyn Elsaesser, Chavannes de Bogis, Schweiz
    Autorin, Expertin für Erfahrungen rund um den Tod

  • 4 erlendur Haraldsson // Sep 10, 2018 at 17:08

    A great and comprehensive book on dreams

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