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Have you ever experienced anything exceptional?

Of special value for research on apparitions, ghosts, and spirits are first hand reports. To receive data for our study (see the page ‘Research’) we need a very high number of accounts on exceptional experiences which can be described with the following keywords:

Apparitions of the livingapparitions of the dead – ghosts – encounters with deceased persons – deathbed apparitions – apparitions of the dying – apparitions of living pets – apparitions of deceased pets – acustic perceptions (such as hearing steps although nobody is present) – olfactory perceptions of persons who are not present  – feeling of the presence of a person who is not there – feeling of the presence of a deceased person  – out-of-the-body experiences – near-death experiences – experiences with domestic spirits – experiences with nature spirits – experiences with light and beings of light – and similar exceptional experiences .

We are looking forward to every account of  personal exceptional experiences and treat them confidentially and – if wished – anonymously. Please try to give in your report as many details as possible (time, place, witnesses, state of mind, waking state, when falling asleep, dream, awakening state, altered state of mind).

These studies are especially meaningsful since they concern questions like: Where do we come from? Where do wwe go to? Is there a continuation of consciousness after deaht, a limited or unlimited survival? What is the meaning of life? Those questions gain more importance in a time of reductionistic thinking which does not provide any space for the existence of consciousnes, mind, or soul.

Our studies concern research on consciousness and altered states of consciousness and stretch much further than the usual limits of science. They are interdisciplinary since we integrate historical and cultural aspects.

See also the page ‘Research’


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  • 1 KEITH K LINDER // Sep 22, 2018 at 23:07

    Is this research still going on?

  • 2 Annekatrin // Oct 18, 2018 at 21:57

    Yes, at the moment the focus of my research is on dreams which include such experiences.

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