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Buch: Licht verwandelt


Annekatrin Puhle

Light Changes. Experiences in the Presence of Tramsforming Light. With a Foreword by Dr. Peter Fenwick. and an Afterword by Barbara Bunce. Guildford, UK: White Crow Books. ISBN 9781908733184

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Praise for the book

“Light Changes is a scholarly examination of exceptional experiences involving light, ranging from ghostly apparitions, to strangely comforting balls of light, to halos and beyond. These experiences can be dramatically life transforming, but they are rarely discussed or taken seriously by scholars. Annekatrin Puhle surveys this remarkable phenomenon in historical context and in contemporary reports, and she succeeds admirably in illuminating the light.”

Dean Radin Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences,

Petaluma, California, USA

 “The word enlightenment says light changes. While some of the most dramatic encounters with light occur during Near-Death-Experiences, lesser known is that they occur in a variety of circumstances. The author brings the first stage of science to these important experiences area by cataloguing the types and frequency of light encounters. With her background in professional philosophy she is able to show how meaningful light experiences are for those reporting them and that they do appear to lead to lasting and positive changes.”

– Professor Adrian Parker, Professor of Psychology,

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

 “This is a timely and illuminating book based on the study of over 800 reports of unusual light phenomena that Dr. Puhle has selected from a wide range of historical and current sources.  The importance, meaning and impact on experiencers, among other findings, will be especially interesting to experiencers as well as to psychical researchers of today.”

– Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D., Director of the Rhine Research Center,

Durham, North Carolina, USA

 “Numerous accounts throughout history describe the experience of an encounter with a personified light. The light seemed to be as alive as a living being. This is only one example of many different types of exceptional light phenomena experienced by human beings in all cultures, all ages and of all religions. Confident atheists and others locked into the thought world of present day secular materialism will dismiss all these experiences as fairy tales or fantasies. Reading this sane, scholarly and well researched book by Annekatrin Puhle should make them think again. Annekatrin’s book is a readable and fascinating study of one of the most significant and extraordinary dimensions of human experience. The full and extensive bibliography makes abundantly clear that the evidence on which the book is based is neither fairy tale nor fantasy.”

– Alexander Wedderspoon Very Revd, President of the CFPSS (Churches’ Fellowship for Psychical and Spiritual Studies)

North Somercotes, Lincolnshire, UK

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