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Photo. Adrian Parker and Annekatrin Puhle


States of Lucidity – Dreams of the future

(Funded by the Perrott-Warrick-Fund, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK)

I am involved in a major projekt of Prof. Dr. Adrian Parker on states of lucidity: Single sase study of an extraordinarily gifted dreamer who apparently dreams of future  terror attacks and other crimes.

Dreams of the Deceased 

(Funded by the Perrott-Warrick-Fund,, Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK, and the Society for Psychical Research, SPR, London)

The research on dreams has given almost no focused attention yet to the topic “dreams about the deceased”. Such dreams are mentioned – if mentioned at all – just on the side. But there is a lot of folklore about the dreams of the dead and they are quite common in every day life. Of what importance are such dreams? What do they mean to the dreamers? Do they have an own importance and do they transfer information which might exclude physical and psychological factors, memory, fantasy and creativity of the dreamers? This study will concern both: cases from historical literature  as well as interviews with experients.

Accounts of dreams will be gladly received – and treated anonymously, if wished for. Contact:


Project: Lucid Dreams with the Deceased

(Funded by the Sällskapet för Psykologiska Forskning (SPF), Stockholm, Sweden)

The results will soon be published in the JSPR.

Project: Shared Dreams

Adrian Parker, Professor Ph D, University of Gothenburg, Department of Psychology, and Annekatrin Puhle, Ph D (Philosophy)

(Funded by: BIAL-Foundation, Porto, Portugal)

Project Description:

This project is an laboratory experiment which concerns two persons who share ESP experiences with each other (telepathy) while both of them enter an altered state of mind (with the application of the Ganzfeld technique).

Project: Encounters with Deceased Persons

Annekatrin Puhle, Ph D (Philosophy) and Adrian Parker, Professor Ph D (Psychology), University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

(Funded by: Trinity College, University of Cambridge, UK)

Project description:

As statistics show many older persons in the industrial states – between 60 and 80 percent – experience encounters with their deceased partners, for instance apparitions, acoustic experiences, olfactorial impressions or simply the strong feeling of their presence. These phenomena are called ‘widow/widower hallucinations’. They are usually understood and experienced by them as real encounters with the deceased. Our study investigates such excperiences amongst the younger population, i.e. people under the age of 65, in order to see, if the roll of the age plays a minor part in it. We don’t want to enclude just persons who are grieving for their husband or wife, but all those who have “lost” a near and beloved person through death. Of special interest are cases in which the deceased communicate an information which nobody else had known up to this point in time and which can be verified.

Project: Cultural Historical Aspects of Ghosts and  Spirits in the German Speaking Area During the Time of Goethe

Annekatrin Puhle, Ph D (Philosophy)

Funded by: IGPP, Frebrug, Germany, and “Stiftung Weimarer Klassik”, Weimar, Germany.

Project: A Phenomenological Analysis of Ghosts and Apparitions During the 1800s and 1900s in Great Britain Which are Relevant for the Survival Question

Funded by: Society for Psychical Research (SPR), London, UK.

Project: Apparitions of Light and Light Beings Observed in Crisis and Crisis-Related Situations: An Analysis of Case Reports and Their Possible Implications For a Post-mortem State of Consciousness

Annekatrin Puhle, Ph D (Philosophy)

(Funded by: Society for Psychical Research (SPR), London)

Project Description:

This project concerns persons who have experienced unusual light or light beings. Such cases have been reported throughout recorded history: People have seen unusually bright lights, balls of lights, shining light around humans, around healthy persons as well as around the dying. Bright and radiant beings – in the Christian context often called angels – or religious figures as Christ and even God himself have repeatedly been percieved and experienced as intense light radiating love. The reports in the literature since the beginning of psychical research (end of the 1900s) will be analysed and evaluated with regard to certain aspects, new interviews will be integrated in order to throw light on the phenomena from various angles. Relevant for research are especially occurances with more than one witness and such cases which seem to have a realistic basis in terms of conveyance of information.

Project: The Dictionary of the Paranormal

Professor Andreas Resch

Preparatory work for the “Lexikon der Paranormologie” by Andreas Resch, volume 1, letter A.

(Funded for 6 months by: EU)

Published: Vol. 1 and vol. 2. See

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