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Annekatrin Puhle

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– Born in Berlin (Lichterfelde).

– Humanistic Education (Graecum, Great Latinum).

– PhD from Freie Universitaet Berlin, main-subject Philosophy (Michael Landmann, Michael Theunissen, Ernst Tugendhat), subsidiary subjects Cultural Anthropology (Peter Thiele, Hans Wilderotter, Lawrence Krader) and Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (Bernfried Schlerath, Andreas Kelling, Norbert Januschas, Jost Gippert).

– Specialization in Philosophy: Ethics, German Romantic, Philosophical Anthropology. Doctoral Thesis: “Persona. Zur Ethik des Panaitios”. Peter Lang: Bern, New York, Paris, 1987.

– Specialization in Cultural Anthropology: Africa, South Sea, North Asia, North Asian (Siberian) Shamanism.

– Specialization in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: Old Irish, Middle Irish, Modern Irish, Old High German, Lithuanien, Russian, Old Nordic, Sanskrit, Avestic, Hittite.

– Additional studies in Biological Anthropology, Psychology and History / Science of Fairy Tales (FU Berlin).

– Physically certified Health Consultant, specialization: nutrition, environment and illnesses caused by life conditions.

– Further certified education and seminars in holistic nutrition (e.g. at the Technical University Berlin, Bertold Thomas).

– Certified  education in Natural Medicine: Herbal Medicin, Aromatherapy (Institut fuer Lebendige Aromakunde, Berlin), Bach-Floewer Therapy (Mechthild Scheffer, Hamburg), Reiki (Reiki-Alliance), Psychophysiological Diagnostic (Wilma Castrian, Germany), Kriya-Yoga (SRF, Los Angeles, USA).

– Many years of cooperation (mainly as student) at the Institute for Comparative and Indo-European Linguistics, Freie Universitset Berlin (specialization: Awestan Dictionary (Bernfried Schlerath, Peter Ritter, Freie Universitaet Berlin).

– Freelance authoress for radio (Sender Freies Berlin).

– Activity as Health Consultant (practice Juergen Trott-Tschepe, Berlin-Charlottenburg).

– Seminar activities on dreams and Exceptional Human Experiences.

– Since 1996 pioneer projects on Exceptional Human Experiences (funded by the: IGPP Freiburg i.Br.; Stiftung Weimarer Klassik; Perrott-Warrick-Fund, Trinity College, University of Cambridge; Tate-Fund, Society for Psychical Research, London; Helene Reeder Memorial Fund, Sällskapet foer Psykisk Forskning, Stockholm; BIAL-Foundation, Porto, Portugal; and by the EU).

– 1996-2000 research trips (topic:“Kulturhistorische Aspekte von Geistererscheinungen in Deutschland”) to 25 libraries in Deutschland, Austria and Sweden (funded by the IGPP, department “Kulturwissenschaftliche und wissenschaftshistorische Studien”, Freiburg i.Br.).

– Afterwards research trips to special libraries (topic: “Kulturhistorische Aspekte von Geistererscheinungen in England, Schottland, Cornwall, Wales und Irland“) to London (SPR-libraries in London and at the University of Cambridge) and to the Harry-Price library, British Museum, London).

– Participation in the project „Lexikon der Paranormologie“ (=Dictionary of the Paranormal), vol. 1 A-Azurit-Malachit, Institut fuer Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft, Innsbruck, Austria (funded by the EU).

– Projects on ‘Exceptional Human Experiences’ and ‘Lucid Dreams’ at the University of Gothenburg, department of Psychology, Sweden.

– Lecturer at international scientific conferences in and outside Europe.

– Guest lecturer at Gothenburg University, department of Psychology, Sweden.

– Guest researcher at King’s College London, department of Twin Research, UK.

– Media performances (Newspapers, Radio and TV).

– Publications in scientific journals and books.

– Authoress of books.

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