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Philosophie, Gesundheitsberatung, Bücher / Philosophy, Health Consulting, Books

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Annekatrin Angelika Puhle

The foundations of my education and work are ethics, individuality (both topics of my doctoral thesis) and health (prevention and preservation). To read abotu this, please see the pages “Health”, “Immunity”, “Recipes”, “Book: Plants for Health” and “Book Chapter: Nutrition”. Sleep and dream are also essential for health and immunity – please see the page “Book: Dreaming”. And for a natural, holistic and fully human potential way of life, please see the page “Book: Magic”. All this has a lot to do with ethics, especially when it concerns the individual – this is what my philosophical doctoral thesis is about, for which you can find information on the page “Book: Persona”. My latest book concerns the deepest question of life: Is death the end? See page “Book: Deceased Persons”.

– Born in Berlin (Lichterfelde).

– Humanistic Education (Graecum, Great Latinum).

– PhD from Freie Universitaet Berlin, main-subject Philosophy (Michael Landmann, Michael Theunissen, Ernst Tugendhat), subsidiary subjects Cultural Anthropology (Peter Thiele, Hans Wilderotter, Lawrence Krader) and Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (Bernfried Schlerath, Andreas Kelling, Norbert Januschas, Jost Gippert).

– Specialization in Philosophy: Ethics, German Romantic, Philosophical Anthropology. Doctoral Thesis: “Persona. Zur Ethik des Panaitios”. Peter Lang: Bern, New York, Paris, 1987.

– Specialization in Cultural Anthropology: Africa, South Sea, North Asia, North Asian (Siberian) Shamanism.

– Specialization in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: Old Irish, Middle Irish, Modern Irish, Old High German, Lithuanien, Russian, Old Nordic, Sanskrit, Avestan, Hittite.

– Additional studies in Biological Anthropology, Psychology and History / Science of Fairy Tales (FU Berlin).

– Medically certified Health Consultant (education GGB Lahnstein, Dr Max Otto Bruker), specialization: nutrition, environment and illnesses caused by life conditions.

– Further certified education and seminars in holistic nutrition (e.g. at the Technical University Berlin, Berthold Thomas).

– Certified  education in Natural Medicine: Herbal Medicin, Aromatherapy (Institut fuer Lebendige Aromakunde, Berlin), Bach-Floewer Therapy (Mechthild Scheffer, Hamburg), Reiki (Reiki-Alliance), Psychophysiological Diagnostic (Wilma Castrian, Germany), Kriya-Yoga (SRF, Los Angeles, USA).

– Many years of cooperation (mainly as student) at the Institute for Comparative and Indo-European Linguistics, Freie Universitset Berlin (specialization: Awestan Dictionary (Bernfried Schlerath, Peter Ritter, Freie Universitaet Berlin).

– Freelance authoress for radio (Sender Freies Berlin).

– Activity as Health Consultant (practice Juergen Trott-Tschepe, Berlin-Charlottenburg).

– Seminar activities on dreams and Exceptional Human Experiences.

– Since 1996 pioneer projects on Exceptional Human Experiences (funded by the: IGPP Freiburg i.Br.; Stiftung Weimarer Klassik; Perrott-Warrick-Fund, Trinity College, University of Cambridge; Tate-Fund, Society for Psychical Research, London; Helene Reeder Memorial Fund, Sällskapet foer Psykisk Forskning, Stockholm; BIAL-Foundation, Porto, Portugal; and by the EU).

– 1996-2000 research trips (topic:“Kulturhistorische Aspekte von Geistererscheinungen in Deutschland”) to 25 libraries in Deutschland, Austria and Sweden (funded by the IGPP, department “Kulturwissenschaftliche und wissenschaftshistorische Studien”, Freiburg i.Br.).

– Afterwards research trips to special libraries (topic: “Kulturhistorische Aspekte von Geistererscheinungen in England, Schottland, Cornwall, Wales und Irland“) to London (SPR-libraries in London and at the University of Cambridge) and to the Harry-Price library, British Museum, London).

– Participation in the project „Lexikon der Paranormologie“ (=Dictionary of the Paranormal), vol. 1 A-Azurit-Malachit, Institut fuer Grenzgebiete der Wissenschaft, Innsbruck, Austria (funded by the EU).

– Projects on ‘Exceptional Human Experiences’ and ‘Lucid Dreams’ at the University of Gothenburg, department of Psychology, Sweden.

– Lecturer at international scientific conferences in and outside Europe.

– Guest lecturer at Gothenburg University, department of Psychology, Sweden.

– Guest researcher at King’s College London, department of Twin Research, UK.

– Media performances (Newspapers, Radio and TV).

– Publications in scientific journals and books in 5 languages.


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